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Video Credit: Alabama State Bar (ASB)

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Featured Alabama Attorney

Kristine Jones is a family law and divorce attorney with The KJ Law Firm in Montgomery, Alabama.

She is also a volunteer with the Montgomery Volunteer Lawyers Program (MVLP).

Kristine Jones, Attorney-at-Law, Montgomery, AL
Kristine Jones, Attorney-at-Law

In recent years, Kristine’s been praised by the Alabama State Bar and received several honors from the MVLP for providing volunteer legal assistance.

Her awards include:

  • 2017 Pro Bono Service Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2018 Medal of the Samaritan
  • 2018 Pro Bono Service Certificate of Appreciation

For details about Kristine’s pro bono service, click here».

Help Someone Make Their Life Better

Each week during the 2019 Pro Bono Month in October, an Alabama lawyer is recognized for donating their time to provide free legal aid through the MVLP.

Kristine was featured in one of a series of videos (watch below) produced by the Alabama State Bar (Source: ASB Facebook Page»).

Her pro bono work covers a wide range of legal needs, including uncontested divorce matters and mediation services for Montgomery County, Alabama low-income households.

Listen as Kristine shares one of her pro bono experiences.

Video transcript:

“My name’s Kristine Jones, and I’m with The KJ Law Firm, LLC in Montgomery, Alabama.

One client experience that really impacted me was someone who had an uncontested divorce matter but had tried several times to make it happen.

Along with that, there were issues of the children, who they were with, what happened, things of that nature.

Through this process and the Volunteer Lawyer’s Program, I was able to find out that information for my client, give her peace of mind about her children, and allow her also to move forward in her life by being able to get the divorce completed for her.

She was so thankful and appreciative, and we were both able to work on it and eventually get a great outcome for her that she was really happy with and positively impacted her.

The many people that I’ve been able to help, they need someone to listen to them to provide that help.

We all want to be heard about things that are going on in our lives and so to not only be able to listen to them, but to help them find a solution to whatever’s going on, that makes my day knowing that I have helped someone make their life better.”

What is Pro Bono Month?

October is Pro Bono Month!

October Pro Bono Month 2019

Quoting from the Alabama State Bar website:

The statewide pro bono celebration is scheduled for the month of October each year. Sponsored by the Alabama State Bar, the celebration is a coordinated statewide effort to showcase the great difference that pro bono lawyers make to the state, its system of justice, its communities and most of all to the clients they serve.

To learn more about the Alabama State Bar’s annual Pro Bono Month event:

  • Watch the video message from ASB President Christy Crow (shown below), or…
  • Visit the ASB website by clicking here»

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